Guide to Buying Cufflinks

Well-groomed men have a ton of accessories but none as elegant and sophisticated as cufflinks. They just make any ordinary work wear stand out, not to mention speak of the wearer’s sense of style.

If you’re looking to buy some cufflinks to give your wardrobe a nice fashionable lift, here are tips to remember:


Cufflinks are great for both formal and informal use. You can wear them to anything, from a business meeting to Christmas dinner. But of course, formal occasions require a little more subtlety when it comes to color choices. Great for formal events are muted colors, though for more casual dinners, you can go with less conventional designs, crystals and even some loud colors if you really want to stand out. Novelty cufflinks can easily get you a conversation!


Because cufflinks are mean to match shirts, safe colors would include black, white, blue and silver. If you’re buying cuff links as a gift to someone you don’t know so well, safer colors are best. The most traditional designs are black and silver with crystals and plain pure silver. More flamboyant choices are red and pink, which are often worn by fashionable men who can wear them with the right shirts and ties.


If you’re buying cufflinks as a gift at manchetknopen, it would be nice to choose according to the person’s interests. If they’re the outdoorsy type, for example, get them a pair of sporty cufflinks. You’ll be surprised at the whole array of cufflink themes out there, from superhero to poker and more. For something more intimate and special, you can also get custom cufflinks that reflect the unique interests of the wearer.

Tips for Wearing Cufflinks

Cufflinks may look like simple accessories that don’t have any special rules for wearing, but surprise! To ensure your cufflinks make perfect sense with the rest of your outfit, there are a few things to remember.

For example, make sure you wear them with the right shirt, such as a dress shirt with French cuffs. This type of shirt has longer than usual cuffs, with zero buttons and hols on any side. Keep reading manchetknopen kopen

Fold back the cuffs, forming a neat and consistent line down the end of the sleeves. The two open edges of the shirt cuff should be held together. In contrast to buttoned cuffs, which have one side folding inside the other, cufflinks have both sides laying flat and away from the wrist. Finally, once the cufflink holes are all lined up, insert the cufflink and secure. With your arm at your side, the cufflink’s decorative side should be facing out.

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