When More Expensive Website Really Is Better

The price is a very important criterion, but not the most important one, in selecting the best implementer of web projects. Think otherwise? Then you might as well stop reading here.

You have offers from your potential website creators (as I have mentioned previously, there should not be more than 5 or 6 of them), and, guessing from experience, cost this much:

  • 2 or 3 offers are of roughly the same value, but their prices are lower than average;
  • the prices for implementation of 1 or 2 projects are above the average value; and
  • there is one with a very high price.

No, the best option is not the most expensive one. Reject it without even thinking about it. Why? It is most likely that the company that made you drop your jaw with its price did not really understand your expectations. It may also be the case that they do not need any new clients.

Do not even try to persuade them to change their mind, to explain what you think you did not explain well, or to negotiate — simply refuse the offer without any mercy, even if you liked the agency.

How to choose from the remaining companies? It is important to remember and to consider the following aspects:

  • hourly wages (if they are not indicated, the offer is not worth your attention, so get rid of it);
  • if the price is higher, the number of hours spent on the implementation of the same solutions has to be lower;
  • if the price is lower, the number of hours spent on the implementation of the same solutions can be higher accordingly.

It is necessary to assess the price as well as how much time you can spend on the implementation of a web project. If time is of the essence, is it worth saving money?

Also consider the offer that satisfies your conditions: more expensive only when it is faster. No? Strike that option off the list.

Finally! You can compare and choose the solutions that are most suitable for you (or at least several favourites).

I suggest choosing a project implementer that offers a higher than average hourly wage, rather than the one who offers the cheapest one. Why?

  • You will receive a solution as well as the company’s experience, i.e. consultations and recommendations for cooperating with companies that perform similar operations.
  • Quality of services and a smaller risk of unmet expectations (e.g. speed, consumer experience, convenience, etc.). Benefits: less expenditures on marketing and less time wasted, the client will value you more favourably and will thus buy more, which is not only customer loyalty, but a recommendation as well. Recommendations equal new clients.
  • A project implementation process that saves you time: professional practice allowing to perform works quicker and more smoothly.
  • The website will not be a joke: it will start its life once manual and automatic testing procedures are carried out.

Still have doubts whether the price that you are willing to pay is right? Contact me and I will help you to figure it out: will you really get what you want? Confidentiality guaranteed.

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