An Amazingly Simple Pinup Photography System That Works For Anyone

This is A Home Study Course Showing You How To Find Beautiful Models, Get Them To Sit For You, And Then Churn Out Stunning Shots time After time Using A Foolproof Three-Stage Process Developed For Professional Photographers.

The Practical Pinup Online Workshop is a complete eLearning Course. The video, eBook and Audio Book will take you through all aspects of the three-stage system I personally use to produce stunning Pinup shots. Its an easy-to-follow system that absolutely anyone with even a basic knowledge of photography can use to produce absolutely brilliant Pinup shots.

You will learn to: Finding the best models and how to get them to sit for you. Planning a photo session from start to finish. What the best props are for Pinup and how to use them to create mind- blowing images. Creating a set from scratch in no time at all and for just a few dollars, even in your own home. How to take stunning Pinup shots with very basic equipment. Building a flexible lighting set-up and using it to create multiple moods. Styling for the best effect. Generating a relaxed studio atmosphere and building rapport with your models. I even provide a complete set of ready-to-use photo session concepts for you.


Cut through the years of wasted effort and benefit directly from the extensive experience, learning first-hand as the course will walk you through the system every step of the way. You will learn so much seeing the positions of the lights, how the models move, the directions you will give to the model, and even the crazy laughter behind the scenes. If this inspired you just click on: Yes, Please let me get it!

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