Dreams and setbacks Part. 1

Hi everybody,

The main goal in this group of articles is to share a series of thoughts and experiences I’ve had in the last year with some background talk. I’m from an Spanish speaking country, so sorry if any grammatical mistakes and I accept corrections. Maybe some questions to leave you to think. I would be glad if I had some answers.

A dream is a condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration. Also defined like a wild fancy or unrealistic hope. It is interesting how a world could mean both of these premises and I have found out by experiences how thin is the line between them. To be really objective, we can just narrow it down to these 2 conditionals. If it could be achieved or not, and if it’s something socially accepted as an goal or not. It also depends on what type of dream you’re having but, I will focus on lifelong goals like career and hopes.

In the modern world we live on actually, people are educated first on generals so you can treat every aspect at least just a little, it’s right to be this way. Later on, we can begin to see the things we like and how earning a living works. We start having hobbies and start liking different aspects of life. I begun this process learning music. I started learning how to read and play flute. As I was just 10 on that time, I didn’t understand how important it would be for me to take those choices.

Then we begin High school. Those are years that mark all our lives, even if we don’t still see it by the time. I hope that wasn’t the case for anybody that read this. On this period we HAVE (I have to put it this way because it’s something that mostly all people need to do) to start taking one of the choices that will last all of our lives. Career. Imagine, someone that just learned how to talk to girls or to put it better people (in my case), having to choose what to do for a living.

I don’t think we at the beginning we were so cool with this. On this days you start having more responsibilities than ever and sudden changes. In my country, Dominican Republic, I would say they start talking about this choices mainly on junior and senior year. You could say my main issue was because of an cultural problem that it begins with what it’s really firm and productive, you know, economically. As an resume, here you could narrow it to five careers: Medicine, Engineering, Law school, Architecture, and if your family have business, Something that has to do with business management. If it’s not one of this choices, you probably will have to explain really well to your parents what it is about. I remember when I talked to my dad the first time about careers and I mentioned him music and he told me that musicians are “Pasa hambre” (It could be translated as living mostly starving, it’s an expression so it doesn’t have a literal translation) and live with no security of where they are going. Imagine how this felt when the only thing I did in my high-school period was Music. In this country most schools don’t have a concentration for arts. I could say like 99.5% like a probability. Imagine how hard it was from then. How hard it was to pick a choice from there.

We all have to go through it and I understand it but, you think that in your experience, this worked the best way it could for you? Your choice was based on something you see as socially accepted or just following your dreams?

I’ll continue to write this series really soon. If have any question or suggestion, Gladly accepted here!

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