Back in 2013, AWS was announcing a new service called OpsWorks. Let’s have a look at its actual state and how you can deploy your Ruby on Rails applications there.

OpsWorks is an application management service for managing applications of any scale or complexity on the AWS cloud. You can think of it as something between Heroku or Beanstalk and a manually configured server environment.

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use solution for building web apps and web services with popular application containers such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and .NET. You upload your code, and Elastic Beanstalk automatically does…

Quick question: how many GC tuning environment variables are available for you since Ruby 2.1.1?

Eleven. This is the right answer. At least for now where the latest Ruby version is 2.1.5 this number remains the same. Check the source for yourself.

So what?

Now and then I keep hearing Ruby programmers complaining about the memory usage increase when switching from Ruby 2.0 to Ruby 2.1. The objective of this blog post is to help those people who are stuck on MRI 2.0, …

update: made 53 points! Thank you for your support!

The competition kicked off at 12:00 AM UTC / 00:00 UTC on October 18th, 2014 and ended at 11:59 PM / 23:59 UTC on October 19th, 2014. Had a great fun being on board with hundreds of participants around the world. Below are the details about my entry.

Very often I caught myself exchanging a lot of e-mails with friends to decide what is the best date and time to make a dinner, a happy hour, or even a meeting. Instead of having your inbox bloated with replies like “I can…

Graphs are data structures highly useful to understand and represent many real-world problems in all kinds of areas such as business, government, and science.

To take advantage of graph databases we don’t need to take a Masters in Graph Theory. Instead of that, we must understand what a graph is, and be able to build one by drawing it on a paper.

Mathematically speaking, a graph is just a collection of vertices and edges. Or if you don’t like math, a set of nodes and relationships that connect them. …

Hello! In this post, I will be covering all the main details regarding the development of my entry for the Neo4j Challenge.

The main objective of this challenge is to create a Heroku-ready template or demo application using Neo4j. So, I thought to myself: — what kind of application would be nice to show up in this contest?

After many ideas, here it is!

Last year I started to develop a hotel booking application called Voice Hotel. The word Voice was used in the name because the user interface with all features offered by the system is through the voice. It was missing an interface for viewing the reservations made, and the situation of each one (confirmed, canceled, and so on).

This year I decided to study JavaFX language for developing an initial prototype for this interface, where it should at least allows visualizing existing reservations and the new reservations in real time.

Before I start, it was necessary to go back to the…

Hohoho! Christmas is coming early this year!

Yesterday the final results for the MySQL and GlassFish Sun Student Reviews Contest were published! Guess who the grand prize winner for the general students’ category is? Yes! It’s me! Thank you all and congratulations to others entries! Below the winners’ list:

Grand Prize Winner: Tomas Augusto Muller, Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil (review, project).

Second Prize Winners (alphabetically sorted by the first name):
1. Ronaldo Prass, Unisinos, Brazil (review, project) (shared with Vitorio Sassi)
2. Tejesh Morla, University of Illinois at Springfield, USA (review, project)

Have you ever heard about VoiceXML? It’s a W3C standard that allows you to build web pages that are accessed by voice! It can be used for services like travel tickets selling, hotel reservation, bank account information and so on. In this post, I’ll give you a general view of how to make a basic hotel reservation application with VoiceXML and how to run it using Glassfish and MySQL.

First of all, for VoiceXML applications, we need a voice gateway. I used Voxeo, it’s free and provides you with phone numbers that you can call for free using Skype. All…

Tomás Müller started his interest in Computer Science and Software when he was sixteen years old. He graduated in Computer Science in 2011 and said to have been a valuable experience, not only because of the obtained knowledge but due to the transformations in the way of thinking, acquiring, and seeking knowledge.

Specialist in learning and ask has already won two international development challenges, took the second place at Startup Weekend event, also received some honorable mentions in other contests, among other exciting things.

Declared fan of remote work, already had a rock band formed with friends, nowadays deliberately practice…

🕺 Some cool things achieved in the past

  • Computer Science Bachelor Degree (August 27, 2011), with an academic average of 9.0.
  • Maximum grade (10) in course completion assignment for Computer Science, BCS, at University of Santa Cruz do Sul.
  • First Prize Winner of MySQL and GlassFish Sun Student Reviews Contest (details)
  • Java Language Winner of Heroku Neo4j Challenge 2012 (contest site, results, my entry)
  • JavaFX Challenge Honorable Mention (details)
  • SCJP exam for Java 6 (pass score: 94%)
  • Top 40 finalist in Microsoft {Dev:unplugged} 2011 contest (contest site, my entry)
  • An awesome report card from Code School : )
  • RailsRumble 2014 participant (entry, details)
  • Second place at Startup Weekend…

Tomás Müller

Software Developer

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