Which Citizens Should Countries Allow In? Under What Conditions?

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Article summary: The current plans to reopen EU countries are too blunt. Citizens from different countries are either blocked or fully allowed to travel. This will result in new outbreaks. Instead, there should be tiers of countries based on best guesses on prevalence and value per visitor. …

And What Can Countries like the US or Netherlands Learn from It?

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Sweden has famously followed a different coronavirus strategy than most of the rest of the Developed world: Let the virus run loose, curb it enough to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the healthcare system like in Hubei, Italy or Spain, but don’t try to eliminate it. …

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Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday mass without public participation due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at St. Peter’s Basilica. April 5, 2020. (Photo by Vatican Media)

The Coronavirus loves churches.

They are its perfect breeding ground: confined environments where lots of people gather for a long time to talk, sing, and touch each other.

That’s why temples across the world have closed and masses are conducted online.

Yet in the United States, there’s been a debate. Some states have closed churches, while the President asked them to reopen them.

The debate is necessary. Churches are important for the spiritual and social lives of many people. It’s essential to try opening them back up as soon as possible.

It’s a conflict of values: between the freedom to gather and the freedom to live.


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