How Can You Increase Your Value as a Software Engineer

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Berries are amazing and frozen berries even more because this summer is ^%#@ing hot 🔥

Shockingly, it’s not by learning new hot framework or language 😉

This post is a bit “meta” in its nature. Instead of sharing code snippets w we will be building a mental context that will ultimately make way for actionable ideas.

All of these skills enable you to get things done. Preferably in a maintainable, well-tested, and timely manner.

That doesn’t mean you should stop following all the recent developments in software engineering. It’s always good to be up to date on your favourite stack.

Leveraging this fact can help you become a much more productive and valuable member of your organization.

“Hey Tomas, that sounds great, but it will take so much extra time to do so. It’s the responsibility of an analyst.”

Is it easy? No… Is it effective ? Damn right it is!

How to get expertise in core domain

The key is to take interest & initiative


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Obviously the bright future

🅰️ Google Developer Expert for Angular #GDE ❤️ ️Typescript 🛠️ Maker of the @releasebutler and Medium Enhanced Stats 🌞 Obviously the bright Future

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