Dream #1

March 1, 2017
Had a dream that I was in a prison at first. I went for some non-violent, not so serious offense. When I got to the holding room everyone else was white. The Chinese director got up and spoke and told us he’s sorry, they don’t usually bring in a crowd like this.
Later or earlier, I was in a city (Chicago?) where war basically broke out. White people rallied about white people. They got hundreds or thousands of people and moved through the city together, being mm to a Nightingale piece. I don’t know.
There was also a small army of policemen moving like troops through the city. I had walked too far at some point and came upon an unknown area where a bunch of black guys were like “come here!” Seemed sinister so I turned around and walked the other direction, which is when I walked right past the big army of policemen.
When I hit the rally and was walking with them, I was telling people who were being racist that they were being racist. I broke one woman’s fake elephant tusk, which… who knows why she had that. And painted. But hey.

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