The Call

Finally, something answers all those calls. The ones we all did, very quietly, under our breaths, even inside our minds. Wishing for a sign, a word, a guidance, an answer. Some people call more than others, some people claim they heard something, and even more, say they can understand, and base their whole life around it. I never believed them, now more than ever. Because that’s not what I’ve heard. I always knew there was something beyond, way behind all the darkness. I had to listen so hard, go through so much, for this? This ignorance?

We hoped to see and hear far beyond our plains, identifying with greatness, gazing above us hoping our calls wouldn’t go unaswered, that someone higher will listen and help us ascend through.

Maybe they do hear us, maybe they dont. I think they do. The belittling reality is that they simply do not care.

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