Creating unique login screen using React Native. Yes we can! (Or we can’t?)

I think we can :)

I wanted to do something for React Native community that (I hope) will save some of you several hours of not very pleasurable coding.

You will be the judge. Give below project a try and tell me if it works for you.

Little preview, so you get the idea what was my goal


My main goal was to create template for my future applications that will be easy to customize and easy to extend with new things.

I am most proud of giving user option to change color of application dynamically. I have archived it with my own version of color picker for React Native that works perfectly for android and iOS. You can take a look here: react-native-color-picker

I don’t use any state management containers like Redux, Flux or MobX for this template so you can pick your favourite one and implement it ;)

For this project I have used Native Base so it saved me a lot of time in terms of things like icons and buttons.

Always use modules like Native Base for your projects. It saves you several hours because you don’t have to create your own components from scratch.

What about animations you say?

I say:

npm i -s react-native-animatable

That’s all you need to know in terms of basic animations for React Native.

With this module creating animations is super easy and enjoyable.

I really recommend it ;)


Actually whole process of creating this template was not bad at all :)

I think that’s where React Native really shines. You have so many amazing modules available on Github that make your process of creating applications super fast.

I am still a beginner in React Native and I know for sure that there are some bugs in my template. I hope that you will help me to find them all and together we can improve this project so we can both benefit from it :)

Thanks for reading!

The curtain falls and people start to clap.