In many of my frontend projects, at some point I’ve encountered the issue of the app’s performance decreasing. …

Nearly a year ago I wrote an article about dependency injection in React. I showed how to inject dependencies into class components from InversifyJS containers. Since then we’ve witnessed the release of one of the most anticipated React features — Hooks. If you’ve never heard about them, you should definitely go to docs and learn about them. The key thing is that we can now do a lot more with functional components and they are really user-friendly. In this article, I’d like to show you how easy it is to use InversifyJS with Hooks with a very simple example.

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Example project

The project we’ll be working on is nearly the same as the one from the previous article. The only difference is that I’ve refactored the Hello component to be functional. Everything’s done in TypeScript, but you can do it almost the same way in pure JavaScript (there are some differences in decorators usage, but these are covered in Inversify’s docs). …

TypeScript gives JavaScript developers an opportunity to provide strict types in a code. However, due to the nature of JavaScript, in some cases providing accurate types isn’t a simple task. In such situations programmers are tempted to use any — a typing picklock which allows the user to store anything in it. In this article I’d like to show some built-in types and built-in TypeScript features which you can use to avoid any or to simplify some custom typings.

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JavaScript objects

Probably, nearly every JavaScript developer at some time has used an object as a map-like collection. However, with strict types it may not be that obvious how to type this (especially with the no-string-literal TSLint rule). The first go-to option is any, but we are losing information of value type. So, we may strictly type an interface with certain keys — but this way we can’t add anything to the object. …


Tomasz Świstak

Full-stack developer. Fan of TypeScript and React. Interested in data visualization, programming languages, gamedev and AI/ML.

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