Recently, I was telling fellow software engineers what technology stack I was working on, indicating that this was the latest Java 14 (Java Platform, SE) and the latest Spring Boot 2.4. One of them asked me about the reasons why I would recommend switching from 8 to 14. When, shortly thereafter, I returned to this question, I felt a need to speak in writing.

As of today, I would classify the reasons for the upgrade into two groups. The first is less obvious, relative, mental, depends on the circumstances and view on the software development and its life cycle. …

Set of Tool Wrench
Set of Tool Wrench

Git is super cool.

On the one hand, Git is like a knife or spoon, I use it almost every day. On the other hand, it is like a huge toolbox with lots of tools. Starting from those basic like hammer or screwdriver and ending with those which purpose of the use is contained only in the sphere of imagination. Thanks to this, from time to time I have the pleasure to learn Git’s another handy feature.

For those most commonly used and useful features, the ideal way to apply them daily is to create a Git alias, that makes…

Along with the pandemic times, the dynamics of my life changed significantly. With more free time I can use some of it for professional development at home. Until now, my old and rarely turned on laptop was used for emails and surfing the Internet. I needed to upgrade my local environment to a minimalistic development setup, and hence this short story.

No update, no configuration import of the previous version, just a completely fresh installation from scratch, and then those basic steps to move forward.

I used the Windows operating system, but all the steps apply in the same way…

The full cheat sheet source code is available on GitHub.

Small, seemingly insignificant configurations and settings of basic tools of our daily work. Usually, we don’t introduce them too often, so some people, including me, may easily forget them. With the help come cheat sheets, thanks to which we immediately find what we need.
This article contains the cheat sheet for optimal tests configuration and execution in Apache Maven.

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