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The continued growth of the web is depleting local talent pools, making more and more businesses turn to alternative approaches to hiring talent — remote workers and outsourcing. Can those models work for front-end development?

First of all, let’s explain the confusion between what is a remote team and what is an outsourced team. If you have a remote team it means you hire people that work for you and only you but are not located in the main office. They are a part of your team despite not being physically present.

On the other hand, an outsourced team is a team that most often is hired by another company that ‘rents out’ developers. This team is bounded with you by a contract but is free to work on other projects simultaneously. …

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SaaS has been becoming a very popular software delivery model thanks to its convenience. Most SaaS products are web and mobile applications that do not require installation and users pay a monthly/yearly fee for using the product. Those factors make Software as a Service a great solution for both the provider company and users. In this guide, we will show you how to build a SaaS product.

How to build a SaaS application

The most common scenarios in how SaaS projects start are either converting your existing product or building a SaaS application from scratch. Let’s focus on each of those individually.

Converting an existing app

  1. Analysis Evaluate your application potential compared to existing solutions on the market. Go through its features and integrations. Think about whether you want to introduce a new features model or some of it you can get rid of. Think about the conversion process like giving a second life to your product as cloud SaaS. …

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So you have decided to outsource your software development and you managed to find companies you are considering to be a good fit for it.

Now, you are probably wondering how to pick the best one of them and how to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. Well, it is as simple as just asking them.

Here’s a list of questions that will help you start the conversation before project kickoff. The answers received will help you get to know your potential partner better.

1. Do you have experience with this type of projects?

When sifting through vendors, you should definitely look for outsourcing partners that have experience in projects similar to yours, whether it is industry-specific or feature-wise. …

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Outsourcing brings many advantages to SaaS development. Building a SaaS product introduces a lot of challenges — especially acquiring the right talent for the project, meeting budget and time targets. Many successful businesses out there recognize their shortages and turn to development companies.

In this article, we present a list of top SaaS companies that outsourced development and become successful.


One of the most popular communication tool used by many businesses — including Selleo and some of our key clients. Not everybody is aware that the development of this collaboration application launched in 2013 was in fact outsourced.

The four founders of the startup contacted a design company to handle the design of the website, application and Slack’s logo. The MVP was later distributed to beta testers and gained 8k users on the final launch day. …

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Django is powerful web framework, but with power comes responsibility. In this article, we will cover common mistakes that are even seasoned Django developers make, yet most successful Django projects need to deal with these sooner or later.

Reinventing the wheel

Django has a lot of features out of the box and even more in third party packages. Try “Googling” a problem you want to solve before you write something — there’s probably a feature-rich solution that already exists.

You can also use online catalog Django Projects, where the category “apps” (small components used to build projects) has over 3200 projects. …

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Text data the most common form of information on the Internet, whether it be reviews, tweets or web pages. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a powerful technology that helps you derive immense value from that data. In this article, we will look at the most popular Python NLP libraries, their features, pros, cons, and use cases.

NLTK — the most famous Python NLP library

We can’t talk about NLP in Python without mentioning Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) is one of the most comprehensive NLP libraries and the most famous Python NLP library.

NLTK is most popular in education and research. It has led to many breakthroughs in text analysis. It has a lot of pre-trained models and corpora which helps us to analyze things very easily. …

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Django describes itself as “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. It was designed to help Python developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

It allows quick development if you want to create a CRUD application with batteries included. With Django, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. It just works and lets you focus on your business logic and creating something users can use.

Benefits of Django

“Batteries included” philosophy

The principle behind batteries-included means common functionality for building web applications comes with the framework, not as separate libraries.

Django includes dozens of functionality you can use to handle common web development tasks. Here are some high-level functionalities that Django provides you, which otherwise you have to stick together if you were to use a micro-framework…

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by React Developers @ Selleo

800 React fans came to Berlin for in-depth talks and hands-on workshops by 24+ speakers on all things puzzling React developers minds, be it architecture, Design Systems or styling in React. Check my takeaways from the conference.

Why and how to use React Hooks?

The conference started with Ken Wheeler discussing his favorite new features coming to React (memo, lazy, createContext, suspense) and dedicating most of the time to Hooks.

React Hooks solve a wide variety of seemingly unconnected problems, in particular:

  • It’s hard to reuse stateful logic between components
  • Complex components become hard to understand

Hooks let you use more of React’s features without classes and allow to write less code, but most of all, reorganize code to make it more readable. …

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by Angular Developers @ Selleo

Michal Pierzchala’s jest-preset-angular makes Angular tests faster with Jest. Here is how you can make them even faster with setupTestBed :-)

Following official guide you define TestBed.configureTestingModule inside beforeEach and get the testing module reseted on each it block in the file. This is expensive, especially if you have many dependencies.

You can avoid it with beforeAll and afterAll using Brad Chen setupTestBed helper function. In our case we got tests run 3.5x times faster. People reported 8x and more speed up.

You achieve the best results if you combine it with Shallow component tests with NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA

Here is how you can setup it with jest-preset-angular. Import setupTestBed.ts in jest.setup.ts

and create index.d.ts

Now you can replaceTestBed.configureTestingModule with setupTestBed and move it out of beforeEach block, like this:

by React Developers @ Selleo

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This post describes my perfectly simple Webpack 2 setup for SPA with webpack-dev-server, webpack-config-utils, html-webpack-plugin and copy-webpack-plugin.

This configuration is simple and easy to work with:

  • start dev server with “npm start”
  • build production version with “npm run build”
  • use single webpack.config.js with ifDevelopment/ifProduction helpers
  • generate index.html with html-webpack-plugin
  • handle static assets like favicon.ico with copy-webpack-plugin

Build setup

We will start by creating new project:

mkdir client
cd client
npm init -y

Then we can add our scrips:

and install required packages.


npm i —-save react react-dom

Babel to compile React:

npm i —-save-dev babel-loader babel-preset-es2015 babel-preset-react…


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