What are Dynamic Links?

Firebase Dynamic Links allow you to make a single link that can be handled on all devices, whether a user opens it on a desktop or a mobile phone. In the case of mobile phones, our app doesn’t even have to be installed!

When a user opens a link without an app installed, he will be redirected to App Store/Google Play to install it. Our link can still be handled by the app when it is launched for the first time. …

It’s impossible nowadays to build software that is 100% secure. The probability of being a victim of an attack or being exposed to a security vulnerability is proportional to the effort developers put into protecting the applications created i.e. in React Native against any attacks.

Building a mobile app is not only about creating screens, making fancy animations and processing data from the API. One of the biggest challenges in the development process is security. Also, it is one of the most often overlooked aspects when building software.

When you want to build a secure React Native app, you need…


Owning an online store seems to be a challenge nowadays. The progressing digital transformation and the trend of moving business online accelerated as the world’s situation changed dramatically in the last twelve months. Such a situation also changed the way people do the shopping and raised their expectations.

These two things combined led to more significant demand for modern solutions in the eCommerce industry. Owners of online stores want their customers to have a better shopping experience delivered faster than ever before with many features simplifying or making the whole buying process more pleasing.

Such solutions include headless eCommerce platforms…

I see web and mobile development technologies on a crazy race to improve their performance each and every year.

Obviously, that’s great news. Development is becoming faster and easier to execute, cheaper to implement, more user-friendly with less effort, and so on. We live in great times — implementing a business idea has never been easier and technology is opening the doors of imagination wider than ever before.

For example, let’s take a look at mobile development. Everybody wants to build an app, and everybody wants to use them (according to stats, users downloaded 178.1 …


If you are afraid to eject from Expo Managed Workflow to Bare Workflow, this article will help you a lot.

Expo is a fantastic tool to develop React Native apps.

There are two ways you can use Expo — managed and bare workflow. The Expo team recommends using the first option at the beginning of the road.

To start with the managed workflow what developers need to know is JavaScript and a few skills in React only. All the configuration is contained in one file — app.json.

However, sometimes we encounter certain limitations and are forced to leave the managed…


A lot of data and information about technologies like React appear on the internet every day. It’s like: a new article there, a new podcast here, oh, and there is another video! Therefore, it’s getting harder to find relevant sources of reliable answers to the most pressing questions. Also, we often have to find more than one source to answer all of our questions. So, to help you with that, we have gathered FAQ (frequently asked questions) about React JS.


  1. What is React?
  2. What are the pros of React?
  3. What are the cons of React?
  4. What can I build with…

It’s really hard to find reliable answers to the most common questions in one place when it comes to modern technologies — like React Native. This is the main reason behind this FAQ in which we cover the definition of React Native, its pros and cons, and other things you should know about it.


You probably know React Native development as an open-source mobile app platform created in JavaScript that is taking the mobile app development market by the storm.

It has a number of great advantages that are saving you many development costs and makes your app truly outstanding.


Companies are looking for modern solutions to problems with their websites like slow page load speed, bad SEO or inability to improve user experience. The demand for such solutions grows because competition online is tough, and every business wants to beat the rest.

As a result, there are many technologies and frameworks to choose from that can help these companies overcome their challenges. One of them is GatsbyJS, and today, we would like to present its pros and cons so you can decide whether it can solve your problems, too.

What is GatsbyJS?

In short, Gatsby is a React-based free and open-source framework…

How can you make your coding easier with VS Code Snippets?


What are VS Code Snippets?

Snippets are kind of templates which contain repeated or commonly used parts of code for instance loops, if statements, basic component code etc.

Whether our code is really generic, we often need to repeat some parts of it like creating new components, reducers, actions creators…

And, to do not create those functionalities manually, we should use SNIPPETS that automatically generate commonly used code.

We have a few types of snippets such as built in, plugged in (from VS Code extensions) and custom (created by ourselves).

Where can we find VS Code Snippets?

VS Code provides two…


Not in a mood for reading? Watch the video!


If you are planning to build a web or mobile app, and you are facing the problem of choosing between React.js vs Angular, in this article, I will guide you through the differences, similarities, and some of the best use cases for both, to help you make a final decision.

However, some people say you cannot really compare React to Angular, as Angular is a full-stack MVC framework, while React is just a view library.

However, I think you can and even should compare them, as they are both ready…

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