athleticspot sprint one

Time frame: 24–07–2017 to 05–08–2017

Goal for the sprint was to:

  • organize java files into ddd structure
  • migrating training source code
  • migrate database to liquidbase
  • move to jhipster4

I moved to to newest version of jhipster. Beside of this other tasks are still in progress. Database for training module is migrated to liquidbase but still there is constant refinement being done for training survey. I introduce uuid id’s and clean up table structure.

Regarding training source code migration it’s moved and better organised but I spent way much more time than I thought. Still jhipster files are not migrated do ddd structure.

Thoughts. Main thought from this sprint is time spent on coding. It’s only 5 hours for last two weeks. This is not enough. I need to find other way to do code more. Maybe I should start doing it before work and not after.

Second thought is to mix tasks and create them much smaller. By mixing tasks I mean start doing ui things. I’m getting bored with constant entity and agregate change.

Time spend coding:5h 18min