Why “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel” Is The Worst Advice Of All Time
Human Parts

I used to really pound this motto that travelling is great for you to all my friends, and then eventually realized I was propagating a fallacy that travelling makes you a better person.

I increasingly found that people who advocated it relentlessly on social media have no idea what they are travelling for, other than to pursue this “You must do this, because its the best thing that will happen to you” ideal. These friends and I both made the mistake of assuming that character can be build simply through the activity of buying an air-ticket, visiting landmarks and instagramming pictures of the trip. When in fact, travelling is merely a medium of growth, rather than growth itself.

As like a previous commenter mentioned, I wish I could highlight this entire article. Travelling is a privilege, and it does not at all define how cultured, wise, or brave a person is.

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