Donald Trump is a better storyteller than Ernest Hemingway
Steve Bryant

As a retired English teacher, I am in despair as I walk the nabe, watching passersby gazing down at their fingers, moving at lightning speed. Without checking, I know they are in text-speak mode: LMK, OMG, WTF, IMHO, on and on. The one page/bullet point Trump memo rule is significant, in that it speaks to our addiction to brevity. A President who does not read? O…kay…Recently, I wanted to contact an elected official regarding a pressing community issue and, was warned not to exceed the character limit.. So the Hemingway piece really struck a chord. That said, however..those who have never experienced Thomas Wolfe (nope, not ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ — that’s a different writer) miss at their peril the long, spun out phrases that gleam, washing, wide-screen..over the pages of “Look Homeward Angel,” and “Of Time and The River..” And while we’re at it, Walt Whitman, who I am certain inspired Wolfe in primal, visceral ways. I teach my students to enjoy the richness of language — sometimes spare as a Hemingway haiku, other times tsumani-ed as Wolfe, and the Old Grey Poet. This is what it means to be literate. To appreciate and understand language in all its scope. And, its brevity. Then choose. And use words well.

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