That Moment You Realize You’re Old
Jenn Marie

Beautiful sister!! I am 68 — so then..I must be a damn fossil, compared to you. Hate to sound like some dumbass greeting card, but getting older really, truly IS what we make it!! Returned to college — Columbia University (if you please) at 53. Majored in English and Comp Lit, maintained a 3.76 and won every award within kissing distance. Went from Jennie-come-lately to Magna Cum Laude! Met and married a darling man in 2008. I was two months shy of 60. Ric and I are active, contented geezers, with full dance cards. Busier now with community work and various projects than we were twenty years ago. Also, we’re home caring our mom, who is 95; she has what the Doctor pompously insists is advanced senile dementia. So, I put Mama Lu down for a nap the other day: I asked if she needed anything. She said “bring me a cute guy and a beer.” Yes, we live in a juvenocracy, and more’s the pity. But those of us who don’t buy that are up and about, living, creating, and chuckling long and loud — at those who still don’t ‘get it’..Blest be, all you fellow Greyhairs out there!! Rock on….

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