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Good citizenship means, that as eldest daughter for our 95 year old mom with advanced senile dementia, for whom my sister Valerie and I are home caring, after being refused by Medicaid two years ago: we now must, in addition to caring for her — proactively and firmly take on an unjust, prehistorically rule-bound system that, (due to a simple postal forwarding error) has threatened to cut us off 30 days from now, from any of mom’s legitimately earned pension funds at all. Moreover, the burden of proving we are not thieves…is on us! This is our sole source of funds for her home care. They will be stopping her modest pensions and Social Security, earned justly over a lifetime of hard work — while also, raising us as a single parent. Because, they perceive (wrongly of course) we are ‘pulling a fast one’. And so, in my fury against this Byzantine system of ‘show us you are not a con artist”, I must take time out from where I should be: looking after mom 24/7, 365 (dementia takes no days off)— to find a notary, a lawyer, a sympathetic employee of some organization that will actually hear, understand, and respond to what we are going through. I have contacted one of our local elected representatives. If that doesn’t work, I’m going on YouTube. FORTY MILLION AMERICANS, (AARP, 2015) often due to insurance lapses or refusals from Medicaid, currently home care a frail, aging elder. Daily, my family and I must wrestle stipulations which do not work in our case, as well as high handed, arrogant protocols that are inapplicable for an elderly loved one with dementia — banks, tax consultants, on and on. So, then, the question Mr. Obama asks -what is good citizenship? From where we sit? Just this: Standing up to an injustice. Taking it on, full frontal. Most particularly, doing it in behalf of those who cannot do it for themselves — like, our dear mother. And countless other mothers, dads, grandpas, uncles, husbands and elder beloveds who are developing dementia, even as I write. And their devoted families, (forty million at last count?) who struggle daily to care for them. At home, in the absence of support funding, while at the mercy of ‘eligibility regulations’ and, an unresponsive policy-machinery that routinely, heartlessly excludes them.

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