We’re living in the cult of cruel
Felicia C. Sullivan

One thing I treasure about now being 68, after having endured cruelty myself, through the years..for various reasons: I have outgrown my need for approval, which is a sidebar to being personally IMPACTED by hate-talk. I am sorry for people who waste so much time doing this. In person on the bank line, or on the Net. I used to comment a lot on YouTubes I enjoyed. I was always articulate, (I’m a published writer) and on point; my words were carefully chosen, then caringly submitted. Until some e.stranger said, apropos to nothing whatever, “You’re nothing but a dumb b*tch f*cking a**hole..I hope you die..” This person seemed so proud to be able to communicate, that, like a bully in a sandbox full of toddlers, no doubt did it ‘because they could.” At the time I had just turned 67..so I just decided to spend more time journaling, and looking after my mom, who at 95 with late stage senile dementia, could still teach ALL of us a thing or two about how to be civil.

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