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Reading this latest piece, I suddenly remembered the final moments of a “Mad Max” film (‘Thunderdome’ I think), where a young woman is speaking. She stands surrounded by a rapt, ragtag group of people, many of them youngsters. She is relating what in her post apocalyptic world is called “The Tell”..While I was mulling over the power of story, that Mad Max image came to mind. Along with my daily narratives on finding discarded flotsam on the street, then, repurposing it. My continuing stories about looking after mother. The story of my niece’s catastrophic accident, and subsequent drug problems. A story I fervently hope ends happily. I have a hunch: we are, many of us - hungry to connect, by speaking our stories. In the words of a wise African American neighbor’s mom, “Honey, we all got us a song to sing..” Hilal, you’ve asked us to join you at a kind of Internet campfire. Bring your stories. I will listen..And everybody, be open and willing: to ‘tell your Tell”…

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