Watch Tisca Chopra Sharing Her Hilarious Casting Couch Experience & Why It’s a Perfect Example of KLPD

We all know that everything is not as stylish and beautiful as it appears in the showbiz business. In fact, there is a lot of ugliness goes on behind all that glamor and shine.

A major drawback is the “casting couch” which most on-screen characters experience. While numerous keep it a mystery, numerous others have turned out uncovered their encounters. Simply a year ago, we became acquainted with about Ranveer Singh’s tryst with the casting couch. This time around, it’s Tisca Chopra who has uncovered her disturbing yet hilarious casting couch experience

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She was invited by a YouTube channel called “Kommune India” to tell a story for “the Storyteller” Segment of this channel. With more than two decades worth of experience on the silver screen, the actress has seen more than her fair share in the world of films. An encounter with a director whom she codenames “Reptile” weaved a hilarious series of events that she just couldn’t forget. She uses hilarious anecdotes while explaining her long vacation after her first debut. Till the beam of light hit her and how the desperate need for work got her torn between situations.


Finally, when she was afraid she’d get fired, she came up with a master plan. Well, who is a better narrator that than the storyteller herself? Lets here it all from Tisca Chopra :

Watch This Video Right Now: can’t be loaded: The Storytellers: Reptile Dysfunction — Tisca Chopra (

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