How to cut down on meetings — which could be beneficial as part of a calorie controlled diet

  • Never consider a meeting as real work — whatever your company provides to customers is what we should always be working towards
Good meetings are the precursor to more efficient and innovative work
  • Never attend a meeting without a clear agenda and desired outcome(s) — reply to the organiser words to this effect

If you’re not sure what you’re going to get out of the meeting, why would you attend?

  • Once a meeting has achieved it’s outcomes, you can end early and get on to some real work!
  • When arranging a meeting, consider the cost to the business of the meeting, and reduce the duration and amount of people involved if you can
What if we stored every employee’s hourly rate in a secure system which was linked to meeting booking. When inviting attendees to a meeting, the app would advise the organiser — ‘this meeting will cost the business £x’
How many meetings would this streamline or stop?
Would we continue to have protracted conference calls with dozens of people — or would we find a better and cheaper way to communicate?