The Seven Stages of Agile

Shock or Disbelief

“We’re not going to have a plan before we start”?


“The way we work is fine, we don’t need to change”, “ We’re perfect as we are”


“The reason we aren't understanding is because you’re an awful teacher”, “When you stop me talking in a stand up it’s unprofessional of you and it makes me upset”


“We’ll try it for four weeks and if it doesn't work we’ll go back to the way things were before”


“I'm getting it wrong and letting everyone down”


“I don’t think I can do this, it’s too difficult”, “I don’t want to work in this way any more”, “I'm quitting the project”

Acceptance and Hope

“This is much better than before, but we have a lot to improve on”, “I didn't think we could do this, but we can”