How I Stopped My Racing Mind

I was full of negative thoughts. One negative thought turned into a few. A few turned into a narrative script. Creating of volumes of sabotage.

This went on for a few weeks.

The brain is a tool. When wielded properly it will take you places you want to go.

When I feel my body’s not aligned with my mind. Not aligned with my soul. I prioritize. Here’s my journey:


I’m grateful for this water, this meal, this…. These are easy to be grateful for.

There’s 1 billion people starving. Another billion obese. Maybe it’s not that easy. But if you’re reading this, it is.

Gratitude isn’t when you’re climbing up the mountain. And you stop to “look down”.

Gratitude is when your climbing and a rock is in your shoe. You become grateful for the pain demanding your focus with each step.

I don’t know much, but I do know feeling special is the key ingredient to living a special life. Uncover life’s specialities starts with the small.


Have you ever been around a person that is draining? Have you ever been that person?

I have been. Too many times. This is when I’m expecting too much from the world. I’m subconsciously taking. Taking focus from others. Taking happiness from others. Taking, taking,taking. Taking results in lack. Giving results in more.

I was eating ice cream with my mentor last April. I asked the most difficult tasks about his job. He said “my job is to convince a person to trust me more than their high school buddy with their millions of dollars.”

He’s a financial advisor for many Fortune 500 CEOs.

“I have 30 seconds to do that. In 30 seconds we make split second decisions that are embedded in the subconscious. That’s all I have.”

You can feel his energy. More when you leave his presence. One of the most electrifying personalities I’ve encountered.

He gives. I feel like the most important person in the world next to him. He treats like I am.


I tend to judge people for their past. Projecting this past on their future and miss opportunity in the present.

There’s a quote on Wall St.: “past performance does not predict future results.” That bring optimism about my future.

I try to see the bright future of others. The bright flame inside of them now.

Envy can take over when we see other’s succeed.

I know this is happens when I focus on the wax of the figurative candle, not the flame. The only lose lightening another’s flame leads to is the lose of the shadows negativity cast around us.


Outer space is the big fad. $1MM to get there in 2020 or something…

Outer space is popular and sexy Inner space is dark and scary.

The light starts from within.


How much brain power can I use? How can I better align my mind, body and soul?

Singing and speaking come from two different parts of the brain. Questions and answers come from two different parts. Art and facts come from two different parts.

More brain activity, more brain power. This is when the mind is in beta. Alert and aware.


There’s four main brain frequencies:

Beta — alert
Alpha — calm
Theta — meditation , mental imagery
Delta — deep sleep

Burnout is a real thing. To avoid crashing I split my day up in between each frequency.

Meditation is my favorite way to hit “refresh” on my day. Well, napping is, but that’s not always realistic.


I try to evaluate my skill every day. And improve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every day.

— — — -

Writing this helped move me into the space of action. Negative and positive thoughts vanish here. Just a moment in time.