How I Was Able To Ignite My Fire From Within

I had to sit down with all of my teachers and parents. I was 12. My teachers and parents were telling me I was going to go into the Special Education.

The news broke me into two. It felt like a prison sentence. In school the coolest kids are the one’s that fit in the MOST. Special Ed wasn’t much of fitting in. My coolness score went down dramatically.

In life you have many decisions. But when it boils down, there’s only two: react or respond.

I was in reaction mode for the next 6 years.

We all have a match inside of us. My match was flame-less. As I just waited for it to be ignited. Once your match is lit you have two choices: focus on the wax or the flame.

1. By focusing on the wax you worry. Focus is directed on lack and loss. It’s a fear state. Fear spreads fast.

2. When you focus on the flame you love. You realize by lightening others flames around you, you only lose your shadows.

My senior year of high school I had a girlfriend who saw more in me. She inspired me to BE better. She lit my match.

The more I fueled this flame the larger it got. Then I decided to give writing another shot.

Passion + inspiration = combustion

A cocktail that trumped my disability. Now it was time to improve. Once I found my love, it was all I wanted to do.

I felt I NEEDED to improve daily. Talent is what we’re born with. I wasn’t born with the talent of writing. Being talented is enough to get started. After you’re started it takes skill to continue. Skill is the journey. I borrowed the confidence of others to overcome my lack of talent. My skill I still try to improve daily.

By the age of 21 I was an #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. A writer for The Huffington Post and had pieces featured on many well-known sites.

The reason I tell you this is because in that meeting when I was 12, most of my teachers didn’t believe I would ever be a good writer. They didn’t see the potential of my match. There’s many that still don’t. That’s okay. It’s not their job. It’s mine. It’s my duty to make the world brighter with my match.

Believe in yourself. Then find what you love, this will light your match. Once lit, use this power to light the world on fire.

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