My Favorite “mini-habits” That Work

I can’t stop the voice in my head. It gets louder the more I try to control.

I’m questioning all my decisions. When I think about the future in a negative light I try make these positive.

I know how powerful the mind is. It scares me when I think about the future in this way.

These thoughts patterns come in waves. Some days they’re deeper and more numerous than others.

A hour ago, I remember when this is happening I’m fundamentally moving away from my practice.

My practice is simple: increase my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.

This is the fuel that makes my body more of a Bugatti than a buggy.

Spiritual — CENTER

It all revolves around my spiritual core. This spirituality is a combination of cultivating religion and presence. Touching on presence.

When it feel like my life is unraveling in every different direction I know I’ve entered the time machine. Past and future.

If “time” was a diagram it would be a tornado. The past and the future are the winds. Debris flying at rapid speeds. Winds howl with anger, regret and fear.

The only place that is safe is the center. The present. The eye.

There’s peace even in a storm. Too much time spent in my mind removes me from the present.

Small actions in all four main categories of my life centers me. Action in an aggressive, yet pacing manner.

Mental — TOOL

My mind is a tool not a hub. I forget a lot. When I forget this I overload my mind. I can feel it heating up. Headaches increase.

The slower my mind moves the smart I am.

Improving my competence every day is two-fold: intake and outtake.

Intake is reading, listening, observing and reflecting. This is the only time I learn.

Outtake when I speak, write, and act.

I learn nothing in the outtake until I replay the tape (reflecting). I already know what I’m going to type or write. I’ve done it thousands of time before.

When I intake I learn.

Physical — MOVEMENT

In my senior year of high school five other people were in advanced health with me. The teacher started the class with two points.

“Most of the health facts you’ve learned aren’t true. Nutrition table. Don’t follow.

Feel grateful this is the last year we’re doing this class.”

We’re lied to every day. Billion dollar companies pay millions for lies to be true.

My teacher asked: “If you had a Bugatti would you use regular fuel or high grade? Your body is more worthy than a Bugatti.”

I am what I eat. Literally our cells are replace themselves every 7 years. Do I want to be a sticky bun or steamed peas? (steak!?)

The better I feel the better I do. It’s that simple. I eat well and workout.

Working out doesn’t have to be lifting hundreds of pounds.
(Although it’s good for my ego!)

The way I kick start my emotion is with movement. E — motion. Energy in motion.


Remove waste! If I don’t, I become constipated. The more blockage I have in my relationships the less free I feel.

I try to only surround myself around people who inspire me. The more I help these people the better I feel.

It’s so easy to bring people down. To hate, to want revenge, to be jealous. All are insatiable scratches. It’s like shopping. Buying new clothes is a quick way to release dopamine (happy chemical), yet it’s fleeting.

When you don’t engage in this drama it’s easy to spot drama occurring. Like a dog with a scratch. You want to stop it. But I know it’s pointless. So I remove myself.

My motto is: I’m here to change nobody but myself, and help anyone that will inspire the rest.

It’s pointless putting effort into a black hole. Realizing which relationships are a black hole isn’t the hard part. It’s pulling myself out of them.

— — — —

It’s early in the am, and I’m next to a window. Writing.

A car was driving along the road and stopped. A man got out, walked over to my neighbor’s recycling bin and threw away his bottle.

That guy is cool.