The Guide To Curing Burnout

Jack Canfield’s mentor told Jack he’s the average of the 5 individuals he surrounds himself around.

His mentor continued. “Jack, make a list of all of the individuals in your life right now. Mark a (+) sign next to their name if he’s positive. Mark a (-) sign next to their name if he’s negative.”

“Okay. Sounds interesting.” Jack said.

An hour later Jack called his mentor.

“My mom’s a negative! What do I do?” He said.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.” His mentor said.


Be conscious of the soil you’re planting your seeds in.

For myself, everything starts with me. I am the common denominator in ALL of my relationships.

I focus on three main categories. These categories are the seeds I water everyday.

1. Health

I am what I eat. I physically feel ill when I eat bad. Yet I feel energizes and focused when I healthy clean. I’m about 50/50 right now with bad and clean eating… I’m proud of this. Before I ate 100% bad.

2. Relationships

I’ll touch on this in the environment section. It will piggyback off of Jack Canfield’s story.

3. Freedom

This comes in the form of competence and wealth. The more I learn the more value I can add to my life and the lives around me.

The more I water my internal seeds the more I grow. Each seed has an internal side and external side.


Why wouldn’t you drink toilet water, yet you’d drink tap water?

You answer probably would be because toilet water usually has pee or poop in it… Not always, but enough to disgust you. We are a product of our environment.

It’s the same reason palm trees don’t grow in Brooklyn.

This isn’t to say that palms trees are better than Brooklyn. Or vice versa.

Its to state that if you want ‘A’ know environment ‘BB’ produces a ‘D’ not an ‘A’. However environment ‘CC’ has produced ten ‘A’’s!

Create your own world. This internet allows this world to be ANYWHERE. A Facebook group, a Twitter group, a Meetup, a (virtual) mastermind group.

Every day thousands of advertisements are knocking for your attention. The best way to get one’s attention is to trigger their fight or flight mechanism. This is a trigger because it’s our natural instinct to realize the lion about to eat us over the flower that’s about to blossom.

Shawn Achor (author of The Happiness Advantage) discovered that researchers have product more negative content then positive content. For every 17 negative topic researched there’s 1 positive topic researched.

The news is filled with abuse, violence, theft and more crime. You are what you eat. This rule applies to everything. Food, information and emotion.

This actually gets to the heart of your question. You’re asking what should you do if you’re not in the mood. Asking about going from negative to… neutral.

Emotion is energy. All energy has three main components.

Negative — Neutral — Positive.

Getting out of a negative state only puts you at a neutral state. An average state.

Let’s focus on how we achieve an optimal state.


Mckinsey and Company did a study about flow state. They found productivity is increased 500% during flow state.

Imagine being in this state every time you worked. You’d be 500% more productive.

There’s about 20 paths to get into flow state. No path is the same for everybody. However there’s 3 factors that keep us all from this state.

1. You’re not being challenged.

You’re playing at medium level when you should be playing at expert level.

2. You’re completely overwhelmed.

An example of this would be if you started a new habit. Taking on too much (especially new) work at once will overwhelm.

3. Someone (or something) is holding your back.

Mental blocks (limited beliefs) or the individuals you’re working with are distracting you and holding you back.


Elon Musk has a company question during interviews.

Tell me about a problem you’ve had and how you’ve solved it?

“The person that can tell you multiple layers of solving this problem. That person was the one who solved it. The person that glosses over and give general solutions. At best they were ‘there’.” Elon said.

Thinking keeps you in your head. Acting puts you into your body. This is where the line goes from understanding to experience.

“You don’t even forget problems you personally solved.” Elon said.

Take on big challenges. Run up MASSIVE mountains. Take one small step each day.

Today I read for 30 minutes to get out of my bad mood. I wrote this to get into a great mood.

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