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Total BS. a dam will last for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. There is no such thing as a limited life to a dam provide it does not fill with silt. If one repairs normal wear and tear the dam does not fail due to age, no dam has ever failed simply due to age. The oroville dam emergency spillway was wrongly built 58 years ago, despite complaints by engineers who knew it was wrongly built, that latest 12 years ago while the Terminator ruled California. The governors including Moonbeam simply refused to spend the money to fix things. The fault was obvious from the beginning, the emergency spillway was right next to the regular spillway and was not concrete covered and was largely sitting on dirt, when water over flowed it washed away the dirt next to the regular spillway and hence the emergency. The regular spillways problem was idiots who were cost cutting and decided to not reinforce the spillway concrete with rebar so when a small crack started and the water got that piece lose, things went downhill fast and the result was a large hole in the regular spillway. The water from that spillway falls about 650 feet, we all know that water falling that far has a lot of energy yet the cost cutters did not even put in large concrete bumps in the spillway to absorbed that energy by slowing the water. They most likely did not do that as slowing the water would create friction and make the spillway wider raising costs.

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