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What I get is you AGW folks have told many whoppers so many times you cannot get your facts straight.

Fact, current climate change is not actually rapid in comparison to past changes per numerous research papers.

CO2 is warming the planet and we need to go back to living in a mud hut and eating insects. CO2 warming was actually measured by the government in a paid grant. 2000 to 2009, an increase of 5 percent, (18 ppm) the increased warming was 0.034F expressed in the study as 2/10ths of a watt per square meter. Since warming is not linear, doubling the CO2 to 36 ppm or the current 404 ppm increases warming by about 6 percent or 0.036F, the next doubling is 0.038F. Which is a 72 ppm more.

The liars often point to Miami as an example of ocean rise. Miami actually has a ground subsidence problem and has an agency to combat it. NOAA actual ocean rise trends on land not sinking or rising is 3 inches in the next 100 years. To be fair NASA figures on 5 inches as a lot of their installations are on land sinking due to ground subsidence.

STAR data set shows a cooling for decades, RSS and UAH a steady state, Radiosonde data no warming in 58 years so the world may not be in fact warming much at all. NOAA gets its warming from the Giss data set of surface temperatures, 66 percent of which are fake created during the homgenization process. Barrow Alaska for example last Oct. mean was 15.8 per Giss and 15 per the unadjusted government data the Giss folks used to adjust the temperature upward. Did the same to thousands of measurements world wide.

Antarctica ice is used to justify the cries of doom and gloom. 80 percent of Antarctica ice per NASA is increasing, 20 percent confined to a rather narrow finger of land pointing north seems to be melting though the rate is in dispute. The reasons for the melt are simply opinions, educated guesses ranging from changes in currents to under sea volcanic actions. Data supports both opinions. On the other end of the world Greenland ice core data shows the world has been warmer than the present for most of the last 4000 years with the exception of the little ice age. That is most likely the reason arctic research shows the arctic was ice free in summer for long periods, 2000 years at least from 8500 to 6500 BP. Current ice conditions are not the normal and may be an artifact of the little ice age since it is still cooler than in 1000 AD.

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