When Equality Feels Like Oppression
Patti McNeil

Thank you for the interesting and enlightening writing. I can see both of your sides and the validity to each.

I recently had a conversation with a friend and he seemed as though he was and had some of those same feeling of discrimination towards gays and colored folks,but after an indentured conversation he reviewed that he didn’t know he came off that way but I’m essence only had unresolved issues that had happened in his life and at that time came across abrasive and jaded but in all reality it wasn’t the case at all. He had a stepdad that was black that he closed dad and didn’t care what your sexual preference was even after the assault that took place in his life.

I advices him that it would,could be in his best interest to be still till he dealt with some of those issues to elude the impression that he would give of being a hateful arrogant inconciderate person.

He sorry to say last year killed himself. Not sure why,but I feel he had some deeper issues,and or a lack of just the right direction and guidance when he needed it the most. I don’t know but I was glad to know him.

Thank you for the great read. Be blessed.

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