Dear Son,

I know our living conditions aren’t ideal, but it’s shelter. I know our financial situation isn’t perfect, but it puts food on the table. I know our lives aren’t perfect, but so few are. Each of these things are fluid and can change from day to day. One thing that will never change is that I love you.

Nothing will ever change that. No matter who or what you become, I will love you. I want you to remember that, so if ever a day comes that you’re afraid to be who you are, you don’t have to be, not with me. Christian, atheist, or muslim… I will still love you. Gay, cis, or transgender… I will still love you. Nothing, not your political leaning, religious ideology, or your sexual orientation; If you play with hot wheels, barbies, or something in between. None of those things will change that you are my son.

I know you’re only seven months old, and these things are still years to come, but just in case I’m no longer here to tell you, or you’re ever unsure if I’m proud of you, I am and I love you. No matter who you become.

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