Getting to launch — App 2 of 8 apps in 8 months

Welcome to the story of my 2nd app from 8 apps in 8 months My first app was completed a few days before the end of April so this gave me a few extra days for this app. But ultimately I’ve managed to complete a first version and have it launched since the 16th of May giving me more time for next months app.

So when I set out to build last month’s app I fell into my usual old habits of wanting to build something fully featured before I launched it, and this month I conciously managed to pull myself away from that.

Build only what’s needed

My original goal for Preyevate was to allow users to create ‘pin secured’ albums of their photos and videos. As I was developing I found myself constantly switching between coping with videos and photos and create more confusion then was worth. At this point I remember the whole point of this endeavour was to get to launch and have MVP style products. To this end I removed the video functionality for now. I will be adding video functionality in a future update but it wasn’t needed for launch. I also planned to have zooming functionality in there, but again I didn’t feel this was needed for launch so it’s planned for a future update instead.

Scratching an itch

This was an app that I built to scratch my own itch. I hate it when you’re showing someone photos on your phone and they decided to scroll through more of your library. It also allowed me to gain experience of the Photos framework. I purposely didn’t look to see if there was anything else similar in the app store as I know it would influence how I built my version — I know that competitor analysis is a good thing, but I also now how it would have effected my development approach. As this experiment is purely about getting out of my comfort zone and launching I deliberately avoided this as I knew it would slow me down.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Finally I also made a lot more use of pods and pre-built libraries. I always have a tendency to want to ‘roll my own’ even when a solution exists. Part of this stems from a desire to learn, but it also isn’t conducive to launching an app in short space of time. If I needed extra functionality to what someone else has already built then I can go back and add it a later time. I can always update an app based on what’s missing and the features users want. But if I never launch I want know what features users think are missing or indeed have any users to begin with.

The app is currently (and will most likely remain free). I have some ideas how I can monetise it with In App Purchases. This is something else I haven’t worked with yet in terms of iOS apps so it will be good to learn something new and hopefully they will prove popular. As much as this is a learning experience hopefully it will also generate some pocket money.

For my next app I know I’m already going to build upon these learnings and I already know what I’m aiming to build. But for now check out my private slide show app Preyevate

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