Do gyms pose an increased risk from COVID 19?

It’s the big question and up till now we’ve been told that gyms are hazardous areas that breed viruses and that’s why they are still closed

There’s so much about being ‘guided by science’ and the science has been largely speculative

So in walks a study from Oslo ready to mic drop with some actual SCIENCE

I’m often asked by people looking to lose weight

‘What is the best fat burning exercise?’

‘What exercise is best for burning body fat?’

‘What exercise will help me lose my belly fat?’

Generally, I find that people who ask this have a basic idea that in some way they need to move more to burn more calories and this will in turn, hopefully, burn away their body fat.

What I’ve also seen on social media is an ever growing number of people who are not answering the question and instead go onto a diatribe about how

‘abs are made…

A statement about meal sizes on a picture background of burger and chips
A statement about meal sizes on a picture background of burger and chips

It is frequently stated that smaller more frequent meals are better for fat loss.

Many people who were once hugely overweight often attribute their weight loss to ‘eating little and often’ and diet programs continually promote the idea of minimal eating as a route to success.

How much truth is there in this statement though? You’ll often hear it said but no one cites the research relating to the science behind it, if indeed there is any.

This statement is full of vague language though. What is the definition of ‘little’ and ‘often’?

As a former champion bodybuilder I tend to like to eat more meals in the day because I need a certain…

The hardest part about starting a diet is knowing where to start.

There are an insane amount of gurus offering their secret programs and life hacks. All they require is your email address to spam you intensely with science sounding phrases and blurb to confuse you into buying their thing.

Most people’s perception of diets is a horrible and arduous task filled with special routines and colour coded days. Some foods are bad, some are good. It’s all very mysterious.

The truth is that starting an eating plan to lose weight can be very easy.

The method that universally works for all weight loss plans is to create a calorie deficit…

Why the idea of fist sized meal servings might actually accomplish the opposite of fat loss.

How big are your hands? An unusual question perhaps, but not when you consider that some nutrition coaches advise that you only eat meals the size of your fists to help with controlling body fat.

For me this is a pretty bleak prospect, I have small hands, they are pathetic, like little girl’s hands. So when someone says to me ‘grab a handful of xxxx’ that’s actually half a single serving.

I really wonder where these type of rules and strategies originate from sometimes.

Apparently, your stomach is the size of a fist and so the volume of food you…

Why diets are not great unless you have a long term plan

Going ‘on a diet’ soon?

Just take a second to think about that statement and what message you’ve just sent yourself subconsciously

Going ON implies you’ll eventually be coming OFF.

What happens then? Will you be returning to how you ate before — to ‘normal eating’?

How long before you’re back ON a diet again because the normal eating piles all the weight back on again?

This isn’t meant to be one of those smug lecturing posts that are all over social media telling you how rubbish you are for not knowing about nutrition. That’s really not my style as…

Tom Blackman

Performance Nutritionist specialising in weight loss for clients who are frustrated by trying hard but never achieving their goals. CISSN DipISSN BA(hons)

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