Money-Tight To Start Up? Make It Off-Beat And Win The Market

Nowadays, the globe doesn’t feel the shortage of startups. Fast food, local grocer`s, utility service providers, private farmers — those are just a drop in the ocean of startup varieties. Logically, the startupers get concerned about the frame pillars to support the going concern of their business. Traditionally, those pillars are a winning idea, an in-depth preliminary market analysis, a business plan and, of course, an enthusiastic team. And what about the money? Money is definitely important. But what if a potential startuper has all the above but the money? Here are some “always make” tips on how to start up on a shoestring and subsequently win the market.

1. Always make a business plan. Though money-tight, you should not underestimate the importance of a smart business plan. Actually, the business plan is not a budget itself but a set of your steps-to-make in your concept. Formulate your thoughts on paper — this will help you concentrate and early remove the gaps, if any. Outline the fundamentals in your plan — let it be simple and easy to understand. Don`t make a mistake and develop a sophisticated years-ahead business plan — your capital is too scarce for it, so it`s reasonable to start with abc. You can always return to your plan once get your first success.

2. Always make a winning marketing strategy. Good marketing is the way to your business success. Try not to spare on marketing your concept, whatever your segment and product (service). If your budget is too poor for self-sustainability, think about partial outsourcing. Mind the marketing expenditure can be quite a load, but it`s definitely worth the candle. Provided that you treat the benefits of social networks in the right way, your expenses will be covered very soon, and your followers start working for you.

3. Always make selling catch-phrases. Be very careful with your business slogans: they should be catchy, i.e. short and informative. Your customers should understand the idea of your business and not be tired of long reading. Be eloquent and cute. As well, pay much attention to how your trademark looks — whether it`s savvy, reasonable and catchy. Your customers should recognize you at once. And it will be very beneficial for you if they keep your look in their minds. Remember that your looks and slogans require being measured thrice and cut once.

4. Always make a user-friendly website. These days, every business should have its well-designed website. Try to be subjective when making it: imagine you are a user and analyze whether it`s comfortable for you to scroll through this or that page, select the products offered, contact the operator etc. Be careful with the website design: don`t use too aggressive colors, not to distract the attention from the content or even irritate your potential customers. Use traditional black-and-white, and organize the content wisely. And, of course, mind great importance of SEO for your website — the key words and phrases which will allow the leading search engines to find your business on the web. To make successful SEO, you may address the SEO experts or try to learn independently.

As you can see, money, though an indispensable part, talks not everywhere. If switch on your mind and listen to what the experienced startupers say, it is more than possible to start successfully and stay long afloat.

About the author: Samantha Campbell, an experienced trade & marketing expert, with her degree in Commerce, George Washington University, recently work with To be more proficient in her career, Samantha took her second undergraduate degree in Psychology of Interpersonal Relations. She is the author of a dozen trade-related articles in the industry-specific periodicals.