Courtland Bragg talks winning an Emmy, producing for HBO, and the importance of staying well dressed. (Bonus Footage Podcast #2)


Courtland Bragg is 24 years old and he has an Emmy for being a producer on the HBO documentary series Hardknocks. Before that, the very same year he received the award, Courtland was working an entirely different job in a different industry. It was the point of our conversation to talk about how he made that successful transition in such a short period of time and his mindset that set him on the right path.

Truthfully, a month ago, I didn’t even know who Courtland was. My friend, Chase of Guru Media Group (, told me he was going to see his friend was speak on campus about an his experience as a producer on Hard Knocks. So I joined. I live in the small college town West Chester, PA, where you don’t hear stories like this too often. (Besides Jackass & QVC of course.)

It turns out, that’s exactly why Courtland was speaking on campus, to inspire others through his story to make their own stories. His intention was to show current students what is possible. Three years out of college, he can proudly tout the fact that he has an Emmy next to his name, but Courtland was humble and made it very clear that he believes he’s not anyone special. He just knew what he wanted and put in the work to get it.

By the end of Courtland’s talk, I had so many more questions for him, so I asked him to come on the podcast to give us a behind the scenes take on his story.

We had a fantastic talk in the park on campus and recorded the whole thing. We talk his journey to his current work, other side passion projects he’s producing, how his first interview was with Dan Marino, and why he dresses so nice.

From talking to Courtland, it’s clear that his best work is yet to come, and I’m excited we got to connect before his schedule is too demanding for us little people!

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