2016’s To Do List

A happy new year to you all. Half of me argues that the new year is just another days of the week and a false milestone less important than the zealous emphasis we heap on it while the other half knows that it’s good to have it as an anchor point for setting new plans and reflecting on accomplishments of the past year. Needless to say, I don’t argue that the best way of sticking to the plans is to put them in the public domain for all prying eyes to review, critique, and ultimately keep me to them. Yep, I’m asking you for a favour here, be as brutal as you’d like and feel free to pester every day until all boxes are ticked.

Without further a-sidetrack, here are the items on my 2016 to do list.


I’ve decided to break the personal goals into three sections, Mind — all things for developing my knowledge base and mental skill set, Body — goals around keeping me in peak physical condition, Social — the fun side of life including items around travel, charity, and my personal network.


  • Two “educational” books per month. “Educational” being far reaching as I would include everything from a book on marketing to reading Socrates. I aim to be able to converse with anyone on any topic (ya…..)
  • Meditation at least 3 times a week. I would have said every day but I think it will take time to build up to that and starting with 3 days a week is possible. The goal here is to be able to fall asleep much more easily.


  • Working out at least 3 times a week - This includes gym, football, rock climbing — with the aim of completing a triathlon.
  • Yoga — not included above — will be done at least twice a week. This doesn’t require going to a class. This is to continue to improve the state of my lower back which is still recovering from the Sciatica.


  • Meet one new person every day. This may prove hard but regardless of where I am or what I am doing, I am going to introduce myself to at least one new person every day. Bring back the inquisitiveness of a child.


Professional is broken into two sections, Company related items, and those that pertain to building my own personal brand. While you might think hey, shouldn’t personal brand go into the personal section? My reply would be, I’d like to buy a vowel and solve the puzzle, it’s my personal professional brand, me as a professional, not me as me. Got it…


  • Triple our user base. Ambitious yes. Bring on the fun.
  • Process Optimisation. We have a few inefficient processes remaining, I’m going to apply my six sigma skills to them and remove the bottlenecks.

Brand me

  • 5000 twitter followers
  • Write at least 1 article a week for a notable publication
  • Become recognised as a thought leader in the alternative finance and fintech spaces

Wish me luck,


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Originally published at mixtapeconfidential.com on January 14, 2016.