It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

I struggle with these concepts sometimes. Firstly, aren’t all cultures inherently normative? Would I not feel out of place as a Westerner, dressed and talking like a Westerner, if placed in the center of the Middle East? Whether we like it or not, North American ‘culture’ is rooted in Western European influences, and anything outside that culture (whether it is self-imposed, like hipster-ism, or not, like being part of a minority culture) will be outside the ‘norm’.

The second struggle I have, having children, is although I am proud of them being racially colour-blind, and having friends of all races who they treat as absolute equals, eventually they will be exposed to the race debate and I fear this in itself may sow seeds of doubt in our equality. I don’t want them blind to the world and its ugliness, but is a crusade to point out this ugliness going to help our next generation be less ugly? Or will it do the opposite and turn their inherent lack of bias into something uglier?

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