Think everything’s fine for LGBTI people? Not when we still have to hide who we are every day or face violence

Being out doesn’t mean you’re always out | Photo: Pexels

Straight people talk about coming out like it’s one big event LGBTI folk do. As if you jump out the closet once and then suddenly everyone knows your sexuality or gender identity. That no other problems arise.

This is not the case. We have to come out to every single new person we meet. It’s a constant process that can often work out okay in the best situations. …

Being LGBTI is becoming a crime in some places, but here people have always been free

There’s so much of the world to discover | Photo: Oliver Sjostrom, Unsplash

We live in strange times. Across the world people are striking down archaic laws against same-sex relationships, freeing people to love who they want. In some places, our rights are becoming enshrined in law. In others, like Brunei, things are getting much, much worse, with the specter of death once more darkening the community.

However, the storyline of the LGBTI community isn’t all progress and backlash. Where religion and colonialism poisoned…

Why should the couples get the wonderful weekends away?

Living the cute life in Gozo | Photo: Tom Capon

Not all of us can be in relationships. Dating apps are hell in cuboid form and Grindr is the ninth circle. But why should couples get all the adorable vacations away in luxurious rooms and candlelit restaurants?

No, friends are the best and you should be able to enjoy the romance of an island getaway together. I enlisted my best friend, who I have known and loved for over ten years, to visit Gozo, a small island in Malta ‘s archipelago.

Inside the world of ‘gaycels’, where not having sex is part of your identity

Photo posed by model | Photo: Pixabay

What is it like when no one will have sex with you? Months and years go by with no success on dating apps. Facing a sea of ‘no’s at bars and parties.

What does that do to a person?

The answer is complicated if you’re a sexual person. For some, it’s just a part of everyday life.

For incels, it is everything.

The involuntary celibate community spawned on the internet two decades ago. It is as multi-faceted as it…

The open road can leave you feeling pretty alone…

Even when you’re seeing amazing things, you can be lonely | Photo: Juan Albavera, Instagram

From the outside, traveling is one of the least lonely activities in the world.

But there’s a hidden loneliness people don’t see. You can live in a city and still have no one to talk to. People enter your life but they leave just as quickly. Sometimes you want to see the world’s wonders, turn to someone you love and say: ‘That’s amazing.’

The road is a difficult thing to master. We spoke to LGBTI people…

From Scotch whisky to Scottish people, the countryside is worth exploring

Windswept and whisky-filled | Photo: Tom Capon

Most of us want to escape our small towns for lives in the big city.

For some it was watching Sex and the City growing up, for others it’s loading up Grindr in the city and seeing so many men that you have to upgrade to premium to see beyond 500 meters. For most it’s to escape the close-minded homophobia of little communities.

Whatever the reason for moving, after a few years of pollution, towering buildings and angry, angry people, we eventually…

The Gay Cuddle Club helps reconnect men with the concept of intimacy

To respect the privacy of the attendees, we recreated some of the exercises | Photo: Tom Capon

Why do so many of us who live in cities feel lonely?

It’s a clichéd concept, really: being surrounded by people and yet feeling distant. Huge tower blocks filled with other human beings and no one makes eye-contact, no one says hello. The only touch you feel is the angry weight of another person on the tube.

Because it’s not just the big, complex feelings of emotional fulfillment or finding your…

Shout out to all the amazing brothers and sisters out there looking after their LGBTI siblings

Made to dress like my straight brother, but with a sassy hand on the hip

No matter the relationship with your siblings, they’ll always hold a special place in your heart.

Older siblings get to look on with pride as the stupid babies they grew up with become somewhat respectable adults. Younger siblings always have that person who spent their entire childhood tormenting you, but stuck up for you when the going got tough.

When it comes to LGBTI people, though, things can start…

Do you live in the most romantic city for LGBTI people?

Photo: Massimo Rinaldi, Unsplash

In a world where looking for love means trawling through dating apps, deleting unsolicited photos and pretending you care about someone’s unwritten novel, sometimes you need a bit of help. Sometimes, nothing is more help than cold, hard facts.

Luckily, a new study claims to have found which city is the best to find love as an LGBTI person. Conducted by relocation experts Movinga, the study compared results from a ‘Free to Love’ category with how locals rated finding love in the city.

So the…

You’ll never see so many penises in your life

A penis festival with a special place for Japan’s queer community | Photo: elmimmo, Flickr, CC.2

Every year thousands of people descend on Kawasaki in Japan to celebrate one thing: the penis. Welcome to Kanamara Matsuri, the Festival of the Steel Phallus.

The festival dates back to the Edo period (1603–1868), a day praising penises and fertility with a focus on spirituality. However, in recent years the celebrations have been used to educate people about safe-sex, while also raising funds for HIV charities.

What happens at the penis festival?

Celebrated on the first Sunday in April, during…

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