12 Nice Prefabricated Homes That You Can Buy from Amazon

Tom Cartney

Oh how good Amazon has been to us over the years! Amazon is known for selling just about everything under the sun — jewelry, clothing, shoes, make up, cologne, toys and even the world’s hottest balls. But when I found out that you can actually buy houses on Amazon I was absolutely shocked! “Houses”! Wow! I searched Amazon and found twelve of the nicest prefabricated homes and presented them here for you today. You won’t believe your eyes! Prices range from $5,350.00–$64, 650.00.

Allwood Eagle Vista — 1336 SQFT Cabin Kit (Best Seller)— $64,650.00

Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway (Getaway Cabin kit) $18,800.00

Lillevilla Escape — 113 SQFT Allwood Kit Cabin$5,350.00

Expandable container house With Solar Energy — 20ft/40ft $24,800.00

Allwood Claudia — 209 SQFT Cabin Kit, Garden House$8,450.00

Weizhengheng 60 sq.m. Combined Expandable Home 2 Bedroom$57,200.00

Weizhengheng expandable flat pack prefab module container house with solar energy $23,800.00

Weizhengheng Expandable Container House with fire resistance property$16,800.00

Allwood Sunray — 162 SQF Cabin Kit$8,890.00

Timber House dual 40 foot containers $72,900.00

Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit | 259 SQF + 168 SQF Loft — $19,990.00 (New Addition)

Allwood Arlanda XL | 227 SQF Garden House Kit — $9,990.00 (New Addition)

Amazing! Right? Yep! You can buy a home from Amazon.com.


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