5 Things People Did to Get Rid of Their Social Anxiety

We all know how to get rid of social anxiety, but knowing is not enough. We have to put what we know into action if we are to triumph.

Tom Cartney
Oct 23 · 6 min read

The 5 individuals in this article once struggled with social anxiety, and unfortunately, they let it take them for an unpleasant ride.

They decided that they no longer wanted to be a victim of the disorder and so they DID something about it!

Social anxiety doesn’t have to be your boss forever, you can rise up the ladder, establish a firm position, and tell it what to do.

You are worthy of a more productive life!

Do you believe so?

5 Things People Did to Get Rid of Their Social Anxiety:

  1. Anxiety While Playing Online Games

So, there was an article I read online about a guy who had anxiety whenever he played Super Smash Bros and Splatoon. He claims to having trembling hands, excessive sweating and racing thoughts. He always worried about what others would think and tried figuring out the other’s thought process. He would also have excessive anxiety when being concerned about not letting his teammates down.

Over time he was fed up with the pressure and decided to act. He determined everyone online are just normal people. And if some of the people online were going to be jerks, let them be that. Their opinions online doesn’t really matter. “ I play games to have fun and nobody is going to stop me”.

He suggests that you just go out and have fun. If you come across some jerks, block or mute them. “Don’t let anyone stop you from having fun”.

So what did this person do? He decided that his fun was more important than his anxiety, so he played his game with the thoughts that everyone is normal and if some are going to be jerks they don’t matter to him, he blocks and mutes them. I guess what he is saying is that you have to be more aggressive and not a timid person. You do not have to please everyone.

2. It’s None of Your Business

I personally grew extremely fond of this post that I found online. This author had an interesting point of view regarding social anxiety: “ what other people think about is none of your business”. They suggest that we just keep calm and do whatever we want to do.

They had a valid point. Why would you get involved with what others think about you? Your thoughts are your thoughts and their thoughts are theirs. Why would you worry about what another person is thinking about you, especially if it’s negatively judging you and most likely not true. It’s like you’re living in their world, which is no fun for you. You are becoming what they want you to become, someone that most likely isn’t true. How about just focusing on valuing yourself, figuring out who you are and being that person.

So what did this person do? They decided to mind their own business and stay away from other people’s business of thoughts. In this approach you can stay calm and do whatever you want to do. I like it!

3. Does it Really Exist?

I read one response about how to get rid of social anxiety and the post suggested that you can overcome social anxiety by pretending like it didn’t exist. She points out that if we happen to get wrapped up in our social anxiety then things will get worse. She stayed active in exercise, ate healthy and got 8 hours of sleep. “ good habits contribute to a healthy mind”.

She’s right. If you just live your life and not dwell on thoughts that somebody is saying something negative about you then you are able to focus more on important matters and even have more to talk about. You are healthier and more active, which leads to a more interesting and confident human being. Just remind yourself that you are creating the social anxiety, maybe it doesn’t really exist, like the boogie man.

So what did this person do? She decided to exercise, eat healthy and sleep 8 hours a day. Instead of focusing on her social anxiety, she decided to stay active and stay healthy, and convince herself that social anxiety didn’t exist.

4. Is it a Mental Illness?

One guy suggested that it is a mental illness that is directly connected to your gut. He was able to take control of his health with supplements specific to gut, brain and axis nutrition. He claims that he is currently in a better state and getting better everyday.

So what did this person do? He took the medication approach, as he believes that social anxiety is a mental illness. He must’ve gotten advice regarding the gut playing a role in anxiety and he took action. Smart move.

5. The Little Brother

There was a case regarding a respondent’s little brother who was diagnosed with an extreme case of social anxiety. They suggested that the environment was a big influence on his social anxiety. Something gave this boy social anxiety.

The boy moved away from his mom, with his dad; changed schools; and quit social media. After 2 years in his new environment, he had no problems with social anxiety.

In many cases, the mom has lived her life with anxiety and raise the kids to worry as she does. It becomes second nature for the kid to act like how his mom raised him. Sometimes life isn’t as scary as we suggest.

Sometimes there are kids at a school that just don’t match up (personality wise) with some kids and it causes a kid to have problems making friends and focusing on getting good grades.

Social media can be quite the animal, killing the spirit of anyone who posts a comment or photo. The internet is a very dangerous place of critics and sometimes it’s best to just stay clear from it.

So what did this person do? Well, the brother moved away from his environment and left what was causing his social anxiety behind him. He walked away and never looked back.

These 5 effective ways that real people used to get rid of their social anxiety are necessary for those who are currently living with social anxiety. You should definitely should know about these solutions. Understand that there are various ways to move on from social anxiety and become the boss of it. Never think that it is the end for you! Believe in yourself and conquer social anxiety as you are capable of doing.

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