7 Hidden Google Easter Eggs (2019)

Search, Search and Awaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Tom Cartney
Aug 24 · 5 min read

Google returns over 63,000 searches per second, that’s 3.8 million searches per minute and 5.6 billion searches a day. With the following searches, Google decided to be a bit more interactive with their searchers. Google incorporating these Easter eggs into their search result left me in a flabbergasted state. I couldn’t help but to search every single last one of these keywords and enjoy every single experience provided.

Google Easter Eggs as of August 2019

Google Searches:


1 — “Pacman” — A classic from the 80’s, but still relevant today. After searching Pacman in the Google search engine, immediately start your Pacman journey and move along the various levels of play. Simply use the four keyboard arrows located right beside the numeric keypad.

Own your very own Pacman game!

2 — “Play Snake” —Maneuver a snake within a grid and feast on apples without smashing into a wall. It is quite the fun play and a sure time killer indeed. Collect as many apples as you can.

Own a cool snake iPhone cover:

Own a cool cobra t-shirt:

Own a set of snake skin round tables (snakes died of natural causes):

3 — “Tic Tac Toe” — “X’s and O’s, which one of us can get three in a row?” One of the most common car trip games for the kids. Also, one of the most confiscated notebook paper games by a teacher in a classroom in school history.

Own a tic tac toe board game

Own a tic tac toe bean bag toss

Own a tic tac toe watch


4 — “Flip a Coin” —” Who will go first, me or you”? “Well, let’s flip a coin”. “I do not have a coin!” “Neither do I” No worries, one second.” “What are you doing?” “Using my smartphone.” “What!” “Ok, heads or tails?” “Cool!”

Own an 1812 Italian KINGDOM of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE coin

Own a 1953 CANADA UK Queen Elizabeth II Canoe Large AR coin

Own Coin Pocket Pages

5 — “Roll the Dice” — Because Jr. misplaced your dice to your Bunco game doesn’t mean that game play for you and the gang is on hold. Roll the dice right through google.com and save the disappointment.

Own one of these fun board games:

A. Bunco

B. Yahtzee

C. Monopoly

6 “Bubble Level “— On a construction site, a level can walk away from where it first sat. Don’t stress, google, “bubble level” into your smartphone’s Google search engine. Take advantage of this free digital bubble level that can work just as well as any other. It only works for a smartphone, not for a desktop computer.

Own a 3 piece level ruler:

Own a I-beam level aluminum bubble neodymium:

Own a mini magnetic bubble level:

7 — “Metronome”— In the process of the band putting together an instrumental for a next big show, a metronome may not be found in the house. Ensure that your bad stays on rhythm. Type “metronome” in the search engine. Beats Per Minute (BPM) values are as slow as 40 and as fast as 218. Rock on!

Own an electronic drum set:

Own an acoustic guitar:

Own a mixing console:

Currently, there are over 60 Google Easter Eggs found and new ones are being discovered everyday. For a longer list of Easter Eggs, visit this site. This list will not include some of the Easter eggs listed on this page, but you can find some additional Easter eggs that are quite interesting to experience. Have fun!

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