Are You a Beast, a Good-Looking Picture or a Victim?

The world that we live in is full of life-changing opportunities: relationships, money, careers, vacations, savings, luxury…the list goes on…we all want these things, as they’re what life is really all about… the things that makes our lives more enjoyable and worth living. But in the midst of a challenging world — as we well know as adults — who are we, really? Who is the person we’ve become as a result of the many episodes experienced in life that has brought upon us blood, sweat and tears?…those episodes that has caused us to meet a breaking point, converting us into something that we hadn’t a clue we’d become in life. Are we a beast, a good-looking picture, a victim or someone unrelated?

As I sit in my personal vehicle in the parking lot of a popular grocery store in a Northern Virginia plaza, filled with restaurants and a diverse store selection — an ice cream shop, bike shop, clothing store, vape store and more — substantial “people activity” gives me the chance to observe behaviors. I see many type of people going in and out of these businesses. To me, three types of people stand out the most: the beast, the good-looking picture and the victim.

The Beast (not referring to looks)

These are the people who I see as dangerous, not conscience of the people around them, walks pass the children without acknowledgement and wouldn’t share a french frie if someone’s life depended on it.

The Good Looking Picture

These are the people who are more socially accepted. They acknowledge the young, compliment others when the time presents itself, smiles at those who smile at them, might even have their own style — or atleast a style of some sought — has a great attitude, conscience of their public surroundings and most likely would be open-minded.

The Victim

These are the people who have became nothing but a piece of meat. They’ve been easily deceived and harmed, and now lives lifeless — some afraid, some just stale — some look like a deer in headlights, while others look like they’ve simply given up and accepted a life without the things that they really want.

Which one of these types do you identify with? Which one does your wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, father, friend or cousin identify with? You may say “Well, can you be both a beast and a good-looking picture”? Well, good-looking pictures would rather hear someone say that they’re looking good out there on the job, versus saying that they’re a beast on the job. Good looking pictures are more focused on the look of the big picture, and has the right eye to make matters look appealing. Those who aren’t blessed with good looks tend to miss many important details of making a big picture look good, but their styles and finished product can be effective in other ways. One thing about a beast is that they have less worries. They will attack, attack and attack with less care, while the good-looking smiles, pats the beast on the back and fix up their hair in some sought of way. Cross the beast — or give off the wrong signal — and the good-looking will lose that hand that they’ve used to pat the beast on the back.

How to Get What You Want

As you may have guessed, the beast will attack an opportunity, going full strength with their teeth out, tearing apart anything that stands in their way of going for a better life. A beast may possess a less complex mind than a good-looking picture, as it takes a brain to make yourself look good, to be social, to flaunt your style and to stay consistent doing it, day in and day out, but, however, they get the job done. They will attack an opportunity faster than a good-looking picture, as a good looking picture would probably first assess the situation before going in… the beast, not too much. A beast will have a live or die mentality, for the most part. Beasts are prone to get trapped by circumstances and may unintentionally attack opportunities with little to no benefits…they can easily get tricked and trapped by better thinkers. A good-looking picture won’t say yes unless the opportunity appears good or looks good through a mental picture of an explanation. To each his own for who gets further in life, it’s based on how well one works the advantages that they have for who they are.

When it comes to the victim, they get whatever comes to them, which isn’t much, unless they’re at the right places at the right time. The victim just exists without a plan, without any motivation, without a clue and they are the one’s that usually gets in the way of the intentions of the beast and the good-looking picture, which they usually become the easy prey of the beast. The good-looking picture may give them some sought of value — like a compliment, a suggestion, a watch or even money — but what they’ve accumulated from the good-looking picture is sought and taken (stolen) constantly by the beast. When the victim decides to grow some teeth or find an attractive style, then they will be able to get more out of life and be more satisfied.

More than just a Beast or a Good-Looking Picture

In life there are more than just three type of people…of course …but the three discussed in this article are the most noticeable out in the public, especially in the Northern Virginia, D.C area. You also have your brainiacs, who can get by through genius actions and thoughts, which is also a common type of person in the public, but usually, they are staying home or over a buddy’s house ordering stuff from online, buying things in bulk, disconnecting themselves as much from the public as possible, keeping their heads in books and in computers, or even working 24/7 (or claiming to be) — or eating pizza and watching Japanese cartoons. You also have the fakers who wants to be a beast or a good-looking picture, but lacks the ability and/or characteristics to do so…

For the most part, if we’d really want to get ahead in life, we will have to be a beast or a good-looking picture, because if we’re not, we’ll become a victim. In addition, victims tend to complain instead of getting stuff done…you do not want to become the victim. You may end up with absolutely nothing in life, probably spending your days crying and whining. Who wants to be a loser? Not me. Do you?