Cartney’s Social Anxiety Class (A): 20 Social Anxiety Carriers Who Are Looking to Break Free.

Tom Cartney
Jul 29 · 3 min read

…and Amaze the World with Their Incredible Talents and Gifts!!

Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.

-Tom Fargo

Social anxiety can be our worst enemy. The fear is torching. The limitations on what we can do is controlling. Our world is dark. Our lives are small. Our surroundings are alive, moving gracefully, confident, friendly and rich. We stand still with hopes to intervene, hopes to conquer our fears, with wants to be a more courageous person. We want friends, we want to talk in front of a crowd, hold a conversation with strangers and order food easily at a restaurant. Our minds are so full of negative thoughts about what other people think about us or what we said or did wrong that we kill our true identities and replace it with one that doesn’t truly exist because it is never actually around. It isn’t around to attend birthday parties or concerts; it isn’t around to shop at a local shopping center with family; It doesn’t provide valuable conversation in group meetings at work or school and no one knows what it is to even give it a fighting chance.

There are over 15 million Americans with social anxiety. Over 70% of suicides in America is from anxiety issues. If help isn’t provided to us before anxiety spirals out of control, the statistic will remain or even increase. Education, therapy, family and in some cases, medicine, are highly important aspects for combating our unwanted disability.

This particle was designed to bring awareness to those people who are currently living with social anxiety and could use some beneficial advice, recommendations and assistance. There are people in the world who care and are willing to lend their support.

Social anxiety groups

  1. In-Person

2. Online

Anxiety Central (Forums)

Anxiety Network (Forums)

Anxiety Space

Better help

Daily Strength

Social Phobia

Coming Soon: A list of Online and Phone Service Social Anxiety Therapists!

A List of social anxiety carriers who are Looking to break free and amaze the world with their incredible talents and gifts!

Felicia Accardo

Rose Bump

Chuck Butler


Audra Davis

Emily Gipson

Tuba Hanif

Mich Edang Javelona

Lucinda Julies

Susan Ladimer

Jo Marie

Ella Matito

Edward Mary Moyers

Marvin Pace

CheDee Richardson

Joyce Smith

Kristin Renee Smith

Allen Starr

Whitney Freer-Voris

Dell Wyatt

To join this list of individuals living with social anxiety and looking to break free, send an email to

The time is now to break free from social anxiety and live a more controlled and balanced life that is more suitable for your personality and style.

You are worthy, you are important and you are loved, whether you think you are or not.

Click Here for List B

Click Here for List C

Click Here for List D

Click Here for List E

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Tom Cartney

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Check out a really good social anxiety book that can change your life for the better, forever!

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