Losing the Battle to Your Social Anxiety Can Allow an Opening for Society to Mold You Into Whatever They Choose

Tom Cartney
Sep 24, 2019 · 4 min read

You will never be who you are to the world if social anxiety continues to get the best of you.

Fight fire with fire! Or should we fight fire with water? You may be wondering what the hell is this guy talking about. Well, society can me quite the contrary to who we are, and it’s our duty to prove them wrong when they are wrong. But, how would we go about doing so? Do we fight society’s battle with their own brutal weapons by negatively judging others to make ourselves feel better about ourselves? Or should we just kill all negativity with positivity? Society can chop us down like a tree, if we let it. Many individuals who are living with social anxiety continuously fail to protect their images due to their fear of society, and society continuously call these individuals out of their names until whatever is rumored becomes a reality.

Social anxiety is a tough cookie. Many of us are so consumed into its power that we aren’t even truly conscience. The negative thoughts about what others think about us, or the made-up perceptions about life, washes us away from reality. The fears of social experiences are deadly, so deadly that we could be viewed as, or even become something that is way left of who we truly are. No one wants to fight society over what they think about us or how they see us. It is a tough fight that so many of us loses, and we have to fight, stay strong and have a mental capacity, with plan to win! You can win!

The best advice to someone living with social anxiety is to embarrass yourself, over and over and over again until you become immune to embarrassment. Do you think your voice sounds funny when you talk? Talk loud! Are you afraid that people will judge you poorly after meeting them for the first time? Tell a corny joke. Are you afraid to walk in front of people? Trip and fall on purpose. If someone laughs, say “ha ha”! The purpose of these exercises is to gain confidence in yourself by knowing the truth as to what people are saying about you, versus guessing and eliminating yourself from society with thoughts of uncertainty.

When you glorify an embarrassing action, such as those listed in the previous paragraph, you are voluntarily giving society something to judge you on. You are in control, versus society controlling you. If you trip and fall, then you may just know for sure that those individuals who saw you fall are talking about the fall, which will give you an idea on how to approach these individuals the next time you see them. You can pinpoint your racing thoughts onto the fall, when you get home, and have a plan of attack the next day.

Many of the successful people of our world write down their loses for the day so that they can win the next day. If you purposely fell, then you now know what others may be thinking about when they see you. You can lead the next day with a joke, that can really get a few laughs going. Write down a few jokes to tell and be prepared to steal the show or to become embarrassed. If you become embarrassed again then you now know how to approach the next day or the next moment. Maybe you would want to leave the jokes along and maybe talk about a trending event, one that could relate to how bad of a joke you told.

The points were presented clearly in this article, hopefully. You cannot let social anxiety beat you. You have to take control of your life by voluntarily giving society something to talk about and then planning on how to approach the responses thereafter. If you get used to embarrassment you will defeat social anxiety and live a more free and fun life.

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Tom Cartney

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