Stop Thinking You Know Everything, Boss: 3 Steps on How to Value Your Employees More

Tom Cartney

So you may have been doing your job longer than then your employees — and you are the boss — but your employees know a better way. Listen just for one second!

When your employees are working with you on a difficult project and the job is more difficult than it has to be, because you are not listening to any valuable input that they have to say,your employees are hating you! I mean, just because they are working for you and have been doing the job for less time than you doesn’t mean that they haven’t a clue. If you would’ve listened to them in the beginning, you guys would’ve gotten much further than you did at the end of the day.

How to Value Your Employees More

Step 1 — If you’re having difficulty with a project, I mean struggling, sweating, angry, frustrated and even cursing, ask an employee if they know a better way. Sometimes egos get in the way of success. If only you set aside your ego as the boss for just a second and take the follower’s role, just like you did when you were on your way to the boss’ role. Take a step back just for 5 minutes just to hear what the employee has to say, then maybe you can discover not only the answer to your problems but how brilliant your employees truly are. Sometimes your employees have all of the right answers and have developed skills and knowledge on their spare time or at a previous job. Just because you have a higher up role than your employees doesn’t mean that they are stupid. Don’t think that just because the employee gives you the key to success for a project that they are in control of you. You will remain in control…

Step 2 — When the employee is telling you a better way, compliment every good point that the employee makes. Make the learning experience one that makes them feel welcomed. Let them know that their ideas are appreciated and that what they say matters. Always let them know that you are the boss, so that they do not get too far out of hand. Try this! Say compliments like, “It’s good to have someone like you on the team”. This will bring them back to reality within the role in which they were hired. You can also say, “You’re going to be the boss one day, I just know it”. You can even try a comment like, “Wow! It’s almost like you’ve been doing this job all your life, you’re really good at it!” The right compliments can not only make them feel appreciated, but also accurately make them aware that you’re the boss and that they are working under you.

Step 3 Do the project without negatively judging their ideas. Uplift don’t depress your employees. Just because you didn’t think of an idea doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. And just because they can figure out one project that you couldn’t wrap your mind around doesn’t mean that they are smarter than you. Egos can sometimes cause you to attack a victor out of envy, even if they’re on the same team. If you’re known to become envious of others because they’ve figured out something that you couldn’t, the last thing you want to do is take it out on your employees. You will need them again. And you always want to stay on their good side.

Some of us are just better at some things than others, that’s what makes the world go around. We just have to live with the fact that we aren’t the best at everything.

Follow these three steps to become an even better boss. The boss isn’t always liked, but you can surely get a lot more done in a less frustrating way. No one likes to be frustrated, and this solution can definitely make a work day easier and more productive. So, If you are having a problem with a project that you and your employee or employees are working on, don’t think that your way is the only way because you might end up wasting valuable time which can put a huge burden on the entire company itself. Play the game to win!

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