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Like it or not, Perry is right. To claim that humans are responsible for 100% of all global warming completely ignores the temperature history of the planet over spans of time longer than humans have existed in any style or type of civilization. Many of those periods have been far warmer than today and warmer than the projected temps they claim their models show. While you can make the case for some input being due to human activity, you have to be able to show it separately from natural variability. That hasn’t been done yet, at least to a degree that would have me believe all the apocalyptic consequence we’re being promised or give me confidence in all the people and groups that have positioned themselves to benefit financially and politically from all the ‘solutions’ they demand we implement.

At this point, personally, I think we’ll be fine. In my opinion, given enough time we will see global temp trends reverse and see overall cooling take place. That makes me suspect the hysteria from the ‘Do It Now’ crowd comes from the fact that they know it as well and if they can put their programs in place before that happens, then they can claim credit for being right. If they CAN’T? Well, then we’ll see them for the same snake oil opportunists that pop up with every new generation.