Tom Chanter
Feb 24 · 2 min read

From the time she was a child Amelia Earhart was always thinking with the stick forward. She was adventurous from day one. She loved climbing trees, hunting rats with a rifle and “belly-slamming” her sled downhill.

But adventure comes easy as a child. It’s adversity that takes the wind out of our sails, unless we have the right attitude.

When the 1918 Spanish Flu reached Toronto, Amelia began helping at the Spadina Military Hospital. But soon she became sick herself, suffering from pneumonia and maxillary sinusitis. While she had multiple operations, they didn’t fix the headaches that were plaguing her.

You would think all she could do was lay in bed and rest. But this is Amelia Earhart we’re talking about.

She began reading poetry, learning to play the banjo and studying mechanics. When life put her on her back, she was preparing for her future.

We know Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She overcome gender bias, financial difficulty, and a steep learning curve, but she did it.

Then she began planning to fly solo around the world. On her first attempt her plane malfunctioned and she crashed, but she was okay. So, she made another attempt. Whenever there was a setback, she regrouped, and tried again.

We often tell ourselves when the time comes, we will step-up to the challenge. But this isn’t how life works. If you want to be ready for a challenge, you have to practice overcoming obstacles. Amelia Earhart was adventurous as a child. When she got sick, she studied mechanics. When she was told she couldn’t be a pilot, she became one anyway.

People who do incredible things don’t do them as a one off. They do them as a way of life. They always think with their stick forward.

Tom Chanter

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