Lead Domino—100 Mental Models #069 👽

Tom Chanter
Aug 20 · 1 min read
Photo by Marco Lermer on Unsplash

Lead Domino: Knocking over the first domino will knock over the rest. The most important task is the first one.


Once upon a time, travellers arrive at a village, with nothing but empty stomachs and a cooking pot. The villagers don’t share their food. So the travellers walk to a stream to fill their pot with water — and they drop a large stone in the pot. They begin boiling the pot and a villager walks over and asks what they’re making. “Stone soup,” the travellers reply, “It tastes wonderful, but needs a little bit of garnish to improve the flavour.” The villager does not mind parting with a few carrots so he adds them to the soup. Another traveller comes by, and after they tell him they’re making Stone soup, he gives them some seasoning. More villagers come and add more ingredients.

Finally, the stone is removed from the pot and a delicious and nourishing soup is left for the everyone to enjoy.


“The mob rushes in where individuals fear to tread.” ― B.F. Skinner

Tom Chanter

Written by

tomrchanter@gmail.com | https://mailchi.mp/7ad78a7a39b3/unorthodox

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