There is just something about Mil-Air..

..which makes me want to scream. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is a very nostalgic feeling to be had by joining a system dreamt up in ‘Nam, but post-it notes for check-in? Really?

For those of you who have never flown Mil-Air from a soft base, let me just walk you through the process.

The experience really begins as you approach Person 1 at the ‘check-in desk’ — which is possibly the single most glorified name imaginable for a lop-sided wooden table with 2 deck chairs.

Person 1 shows you how to sign your name on a post-it note. They ask you to walk to a notice board where you are to stick said post-it note. Roughly 30 minutes later Person 1 informs you that your post-it note needs to be collected, and must be delivered to Person 2. Person 2 is located directly next to Person 1. And by directly, I mean they share the same desk.

A short time later (7 hours, minimum) you board the flight. Naturally this comes after collecting your post-it note from Person 2, who can only release this official document after it has been verified as a post-it note by Person 1, of course.

This is for security, I’m told. A necessary procedure to ensure flight line security. And I can see the reasoning. Obviously there is no flaw in this plan. How could there be? The post-it notes are even collected as you board the flight.

That said, I had a fantastic weekend. I rode a camel on a beach whilst slightly tipsy. An all round good show I’d say.